Preamble and Lead Paragraphs


Content between the document header and the first section title is called the preamble. The preamble is optional.

= The Dangerous and Thrilling Documentation Chronicles
Kismet Chameleon

This journey begins on a bleary Monday morning.
Our intrepid team is in desperate need of double shot mochas, but the milk expired eight days ago.
A trip to the dairy was out of the question.
On Friday night, a mutant, script-injecting warlock had infected the Shetland cattle herd with a ravenous craving for tags and annotations.
The security wolves were at a trust building retreat in Katchanga, and no one in the village could locate their defensive operations manual.

Weak daylight trickled across the stripped pasture, chased by distant bovine screams...

== Cavern Glow

The river rages through the cavern, rattling its content...

When using the default Asciidoctor stylesheet, the lead attribute is applied to the first paragraph of the preamble.

Result: Preamble

Rendered or image output goes here.

Lead style

Apply the lead style to any paragraph, and it will render using a larger font size. The lead style is assigned to the role attribute. You can set role using the long- or shorthand method.

Setting role using shorthand (.) and assigning it the lead value
This is the ultimate paragraph.
Result: Lead paragraph

This is the ultimate paragraph.

When you convert a document to HTML and view it using the default stylesheet, the first paragraph of the preamble is automatically styled as a lead paragraph.