Text Formatting

Just as we emphasize certain words and phrases when we speak, we can emphasize them in text with formatting. This formatting, such as bold or monospace, is indicated by surrounding letters, words, or phrases with simple markup. When Asciidoctor processes text enclosed by formatting markup, the markup is replaced by the corresponding HTML or XML tags, depending on your backend, during the quotes substitution phase.

Text formatting versus quotes

The original AsciiDoc processor calls this markup and its related features quotes, quotes substitutions, and quoted text. However, in the Asciidoctor documentation, we refer to the text formatting markup as, you guessed it, text formatting. When you need to control when text formatting is applied to certain blocks, the substitution attribute is still named quotes, but we’re considering changing this to a more semantic name in a future Asciidoctor version.

Continue reading to learn how to format letters, words or phrases with the following styles:

  • bold

  • italic

  • monospace

  • highlighted

  • custom styles

  • smart quotation marks and apostrophes

  • subscript and superscript