Choose a Converter

Asciidoctor provides several built-in converters and the ability to add on other converters. In addition to generating traditional articles and books from AsciiDoc documents, you can also use Asciidoctor to create HTML-based slide decks, static websites, and documentation sites. When using these web publishing converters, you may need to add some additional structure rules to a document. However, nothing in this structure restricts you from still being able to publish the content as a normal document too.


Generates a specific output format from AsciiDoc. Each converter is mapped to a name that you specify using the -b (--backend) command line option or backend API option.

Built-in converters

These built-in converters are bundled with Asciidoctor.


The HTML 5 converter (html or html5) generates HTML 5 styled with CSS3. This is the converter Asciidoctor uses by default.


The XHTML variant (xhtml or xhtml5) of the HTML 5 converter.


The DocBook 5.0 converter (docbook or docbook5) generates DocBook 5.0 XML.

Man page

The man page converter (manpage) generates manual pages for software used on Unix and Unix-like operating systems.

Document and book converters

You can use add-on converters, which plug into Asciidoctor by adding the appropriate library to the runtime path (e.g., -r asciidoctor-pdf).


The PDF converter (pdf) generates a portable document format. Requires the asciidoctor-pdf gem.


The EPUB3 converter (epub3) generates a distribution and interchange format standard for digital publications and documents. Requires the asciidoctor-epub3 gem.

HTML slide deck converters


The Reveal.js converter generates a Reveal.js presentation from an AsciiDoc document. Requires Asciidoctor Reveal.js.


The Bespoke converter generates a Bespoke presentation from an AsciiDoc document. Requires Asciidoctor Bespoke.