Core Concepts

Asciidoctor parses AsciiDoc documents and then uses a converter to generate the output format of your choice, such as HTML, DocBook, or PDF. During this process, Asciidoctor applies its default stylesheet or the stylesheet you provide.

What’s a converter?

A converter takes AsciiDoc and transforms it into another format. Each converter produces a specific output format, such as HTML or DocBook XML.

Asciidoctor comes with built-in HTML, DocBook, and manual page (man page) converters. You can also plug in EPUB, PDF, LaTeX, HTML slide deck, and static website converters. See Choose a Converter for descriptions of all of the supported converters.

What’s the default stylesheet?

Asciidoctor comes with a stylesheet that’s applied to the output of the built-in converters. This stylesheet is applied by default unless you tell Asciidoctor to use another stylesheet. See Apply a Stylesheet to learn about the default and custom stylesheet options.