Manage Images

Images are not embedded in the HTML output by default. If you have image references in your document, you’ll have to save the image files in the same directory as your converted document.

As an alternative, you can embed the images directly into the document by setting the data-uri document attribute.

$ asciidoctor -a data-uri my-sample.adoc
= My First Experience with the Dangers of Documentation
:imagesdir: myimages

In my world, we don't have to worry about mutant, script-injecting warlocks.
We have something far worse.
We're plagued by Wolpertingers.

== Origins


You may not be familiar with these {url-wolpertinger}[ravenous beasts],
but, trust me, they'll eat your shorts and suck the loops from your code.

fix ex

If the target of one or more images in the document is a URI, you must also set the allow-uri-read attribute securely and run Asciidoctor in SECURE mode or less.

$ asciidoctor -a data-uri -a allow-uri-read my-sample.adoc

The same is true when converting the document to PDF using Asciidoctor PDF, even if the allow-uri-read attribute is not set (since the behavior is implied).